About me



I thrive on helping people successfully address areas that are confronting them in their role or their workplace. Starting with people’s crunch points, I work with them to find new ways and perspectives and open up to ideas that they haven’t yet considered.

People issues are the stuff of sleepless nights….

Starting as an internal organisational development practitioner in learning and development, I worked through to senior organisational development and people and culture roles.

What I discovered is that at any level of leadership, the issues that keep you awake at night are invariably issues that have been caused by people or situations involving people.

I learned that, regardless of what your work is, people issues can cause significant tension, anxiety, and worry.

I now partner with managers and leaders at all levels and give them an outside perspective. My goal is to operate in parallel, providing fresh eyes and expertise and adding to their deep knowledge and understanding of what’s going on inside an organisation or system to reach new heights.

I work with leaders to look at how they operate, how their workgroups function and how the system and the people dynamic in the system work—I don’t offer I pre-planned solutions, I look for what will work for you, your people and your organisation.

If you have a problem I can solve, call me today so we can arrange a conversation about will work best for you. For more about the services I offer, visit the Services page.