Leadership Development

Leaders learn on the job through trial and error and from those leaders around them. Many leaders have also gone through a program at some point in their career. However, leadership is an action sport! It is essential to create solid foundations with new leaders and to ensure leaders are continually stretching and growing their leadership practice.

When an organisation is undergoing a change process, the critical success factor is a consistent experience of aligned leadership. Ongoing leadership development is essential for individual leaders and the combined leadership culture and practice of a department or an organisation.

My focus is on the development of team leadership tools, skills and practices for leaders to deliver the leadership that is required for their current situations.

One-off session on topics relevant to leaders in workplace

Series of sessions such as masterclasses on topics selected by participants and/or organisation to deepen skill and develop leadership alignment across teams, department and organisation.

Full Development programs tailored to workforce design and goals.


To arrange a conversation about your needs, call me on 0417 610 475 or email me at celia@celiaswales.com