I build relationships with leaders to understand their strengths and context and then work with them to achieve progress in their work. If you want to tailor a solution for your situation, please contact me and we can have a conversation to design an approach that will work for you and your team.

Some of the problems I address and the services I offer include:

Helping Leaders with People Issues: People issues are often the ones that keep us up at night or that will determine our success. These are the types of individual, team and organisational wide solutions I deliver to clients regularly.

Services available:


Helping leaders put leadership into action: There is a wealth of information out there about leaders and leadership. But what do you need right now and how can you put your leadership in action on the situations you are currently working with to make a difference?

Services available:


To arrange a conversation about your needs, call me on 0417 610 475 or email me at